Prof Andrew Palmer

Dr. Andrew Palmer has been engaged with pipelines since 1970. His background is in civil engineering and applied mechanics.

Eric Jas

Eric Jas is the founder of Atteris Pty Ltd., and was its General Manager between 1999 and 2018. Atteris is an engineering and design consultancy for subsea, pipeline and sustainable energy systems, based in Perth, Australia.

Mr Kent Muhlbauer

W. Kent Muhlbauer is a principal of WKM Consultancy, LLC, a firm specializing in pipeline design, construction, operations and management.

Prof Phil Hopkins

Dr. Phil Hopkins is a consulting engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in pipeline engineering.

Dr Roger King

Dr. Roger King has been engaged with pipelines since 1969. He is a chemical engineer and now specialises in oilfield corrosion, cathodic protection and materials selection and retains particular expertise in microbiological corrosion.

Dr Alan Murray

Dr Alan Murray is a consulting engineer with Principia Consulting in Calgary, AB.