A Qualification Route Map for the Pipeline Industry

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Create Date June 19, 2018
Last Updated June 19, 2018

M Unger, ROSEN Group, UK
P Hopkins, Phil Hopkins Ltd., UK

Pipeline standards and regulations require pipeline engineers to be both competent and qualified, but these requirements are neither defined nor explained. This paper starts by defining and explaining both competency and qualifications, and how to demonstrate and attain both. It also emphasises the importance of, and difference between, ‘job qualifications’, ‘academic qualifications’, and ‘professional qualifications’.

The key part of the paper presents a qualification ‘route map’ for the use in the pipeline industry. It is a process involving competency-based learning programs, leading to certified qualifications in various pipeline engineering disciplines. The main features of the process are:

  • qualifications, based on…
  • competency standards, which are…
  • objectively assessed, and supported by…
  • competency-based learning programs.

The paper presents examples of both these qualifications and standards, and explains a certification procedure for the qualification. The process can be used by both individuals seeking to confirm their competency, or by companies seeking to implement competency-based qualifications and systems.