Who We Are

What is competence?

Competence is the ability to do something well.  It is a combination of practical and thinking skills, knowledge and experience.

We are an independent panel of experts in the pipeline industry.  We set competency standards for pipeline engineers, advise on how engineers can gain and maintain these standards, and will certify engineers who meet our standards.

The Qualification Panel meets twice a year, to set standards, and certify engineers.  The Panel membership is reviewed every three years, and meetings are sponsored by ROSEN Group, UK.

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What We Do

What is a ‘qualification’?

A ‘qualification’ is a demonstrated skill and knowledge, (along with documented education, training and experience) required for personnel to properly perform the duties of a specific task.

It is the formal outcome of an assessment (e.g., an examination) and validation (e.g., certification) process, which is obtained when a ‘competent body’ determines that an individual has achieved learning outcomes to a given standard.

Therefore, you are qualified in a competency if you have been assessed.

Competent ≠ Qualified
Competent + Assessment = Qualified

The pipeline industry needs competent and qualified staff. These staff perform many varied tasks, with many of these tasks being safety-critical.

The Qualification Panel certifies individuals and organisations as competent and qualified in the tasks they perform.  We provide competency standards and assess individuals and organisations against these standards.  We award certificates to individuals and organisations who meet these standards.